Going to NACAC 2023? Here’s 6 tips to make the most of your time in Baltimore.

We are so excited to join our partners at the NACAC conference this year at the Baltimore Convention Center.

NACAC is more than just a conference for those of us in higher education—it’s an opportunity to connect with other enrollment leaders, to share best practices and insights, and learn from our colleagues.

There is so much to do at NACAC this year and we’ve put together 6 tips to help you make the most of your time at the conference.

  1. Attend the Opening Reception. Whether this is your first time here or you’re a NACAC veteran, the Opening Reception is a great chance to meet new people and learn the many conference offerings. The event starts at 4:30 p.m. ET in Exhibit Halls C.
  2. Network! NACAC is a once in a year opportunity to connect with your colleagues from other institutions across the country! Other attendees will be interested to hear about your accomplishments, challenges and your perspective. This insight is amazingly valuable to your peers.
  3. Spread the word! Whether you’re a speaker or an attendee, NACAC has prepared a social media toolkit to help you connect digitally and spread the word. Check it out on the NACAC conference website.
  4. Attend data-centric sessions. We have put together a guide to the sessions we’re the most excited to see. Read more about the sessions we’re planning to attend.
  5. Take advantage of pre-conference sessions. Are you arriving in Baltimore before the official conference start? Once again NACAC will be hosting a number of useful pre-conference sessions. We hope to join you at some of them this year!
  6. Talk to us! We’re going to be there, and we’d love to meet you. Get in touch with John NesterAlex WhiteAnna SwansonJim DayBuni NeighborsJackie StoneburnerJoe Dacey or Peter Farrell to set up some time to discuss your institution’s data – we’d love to show you a preview of how your school stacks up to the nation!