About Us

For years we witnessed the deep chasm that existed between all the data schools collect and all the decisions made on a daily basis. Together with our partners, we’re changing that.

MARKETview was created to help colleges and universities harness the power of real-time data and context to make better decisions, faster.

With data organized at the student record-level and standardized across institutions, we’re providing never-before-available dimensions to enrollment analytics, supercharging institutional research teams, and uncovering operational efficiencies and opportunities every day.

Find out what MARKETview can do for you.

Our Mission

To help student-serving institutions achieve their goals using a proprietary combination of data, context, and expertise.


Clients First

Deliver high-quality service and a positive return on investment


Build long-term relationships and deliver continuous value

Lifelong Learning

Continue to learn and evolve with the industry

Informed Action

Use data to improve outcomes for students, families, colleges, and universities.