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Infographic: The Scoreboard Is Always On

Drawing up winning game plans to help you achieve your goals 365 days a year is what MARKETview is all about. From 24/7 real-time data reporting to continuous guidance from expert analysts and more, the scoreboard is always on for our partners.

Webinar: Retention-Positive Recruitment

Learn how your institution can begin leveraging student-record-level admission data years before students ever set foot on campus by gauging individual retention risk based on several factors.

Infographic: The Disrupted State of Higher Ed 

See insight from the MARKETview team on the most consequential issues of the present, as well as key disrupters from the past shaping the landscape today.

Webinar: The Disrupted State of Higher Ed

Learn how the presidents from two institutions are addressing and overcoming a variety of disrupting factors across higher education.

Case Study: Why It Pays To Be an Enrollment Innovator

A case study on how one institution achieved multiple entering class goals in a single recruitment cycle.

Webinar: 24 Trends for Entering Class ’24 – Key Insights You Need to Know

See 24 key insights for 2024 from the MARKETview data set of more than 130 institutions nationwide on the performance of this year’s admissions cycle thus far.

Deck the Halls With Data ’23

‘Tis the season for insights from MARKETview! We’re unwrapping our annual Deck the Halls With Data series!

See a snapshot of current application and admit volumes as of December 10 in our latest infographic. 

application season contextualized

Webinar: Application Season Contextualized

See MARKETview’s latest analysis on how, when, and where students have been applying throughout the fall – and what that indicates for application and deposit activity going forward.

Report: The 2023 MARKETview Partner Survey

Access insights from the inaugural MARKETview partner survey. See insights on the effects of the the key disruptors affecting the higher education industry, including updates to the FAFSA, the recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action, test-optional policies, and more.

Webinar: Findings from the 2023 MARKETview Partner Survey

For the theme of our inaugural launch of the MARKETview Partner Survey, we chose to address the question, “Is the enrollment profession at a crossroads?” Watch the recording to see what our partners had to say about the most pressing topics affecting enrollment leaders today.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Outlook on Enrollment Trends

In this Virtual Forum presented by The Chronicle of Higher Education with support from MARKETview, a panel of experts examined college recruitment efforts to see what worked and what trends were found in the latest data.

The Data on Test Submitters (…and how it has changed over time)

This infographic reveals insights into the behavior of test score submitters versus those who do not submit across the past five years.

ebook the covid class

eBook: The Covid Class

See how the entering Class of 2023, or as we refer to these students, the “Covid Class,” behaved differently at each stage of the funnel: Inquiry, Application, Admit, and Deposit.

webinar - new insights on student academic interests

Webinar: New Insights on Student Academic Interests

Academic programming is both an institutional resource issue and an enrollment one – and the landscape is rapidly changing. By leveraging MARKETview’s hot-off-the-press student data from more than 130 institutions nationwide, you’ll gain longitudinal and real-time vision into how student academic interests are evolving.

Live Q&A: How Will the Supreme Court's Ruling on Affirmative Action Impact My Institution?

Live Q&A: How Will the Supreme Court’s Ruling on Affirmative Action Impact My Institution?

This live Q&A discussed what the recent Supreme Court rulings on affirmative action mean for institutions in the U.S.

reinvention of financial aid infographic

The Reinvention of Financial Aid Infographic

With this year’s implementation of the “Better FAFSA,” enrollment teams nationwide are wondering when and how to start contingency planning effectively. See nine tips on how to navigate the uncertainty of the FAFSA changes so you can meet your enrollment goals this cycle.

The reinvention of financial aid

Webinar: The Reinvention of Financial Aid

This webinar presented advice on how to prepare for the Better FAFSA, and previewed a sneak peek into some of MARKETview’s newest financial aid reporting.

webinar - the aftermath of may 1

Webinar: The Aftermath of May 1

This webinar discussed the key deposit trends that emerged in 2023, identified the year’s most productive inquiry sources, and shed light on what this might mean for future cycles.

FAFSA Changes

Live Q&A: Upcoming FAFSA Changes

A 30-minute Q&A with Mary Lawyer, AVP for Enrollment Management at Siena College, about the implications of the simplification of the FAFSA form, the expansion of Pell eligibility, and the change from EFC to Student Aid Index.

Infographic: Deck the Halls with Data

Request your point-in-time snapshot of 2023 Enrollment Cycle data and see how your class is forming relative to the national landscape.

Partner Resource: 6 Tips for a Successful In-House Search

Whether you are just now bringing your student search in-house or you have your search strategies mastered, we’ve prepared some important tips and reminders to keep handy throughout the fall.

Webinar: Looking (Far, Far) Ahead: 2024 Inquiry Trends

Learn how inquiries have changed since the pandemic hit, which sources and geographies now hold the most value, and where to focus your efforts to achieve the most success.

Partner Resource: 365 Questions MARKETview Can Answer Everyday

We’re monitoring and analyzing college-bound students all over the country in real-time, providing our partners with answers to 365+ questions they may be asking themselves at any point throughout the enrollment cycle.

Infographic: Deck the Halls With Data

Not only are we sending tidings of good cheer, but we’re also sending the gift of context your way this holiday season.

Ebook: Rethinking Retention

We’ve compiled several of our most popular blog posts on the topic of linking pre-enrollment data with first year retention.

Webinar: Application Season Contextualized

This webinar highlights some of the most meaningful trends MARKETview is showing for the Entering Class of 2022.

Resources - Five Emerging Trends

Webinar: Five Emerging Trends From the Entering Class of 2022

A glimpse into the top five trends the MARKETview inquiry pool data shows about the Entering Class of 2022.

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