Understand Your Investments

Want to provide your CFO with a top-line to bottom-line view of your recruitment investments? MARKETview can make it possible through ongoing and objective investment analyses to ensure your institution is as efficient as possible with time, money, and human resources.

In addition, we’re able to evaluate the ROI of each inquiry source compared to your peer institutions with impartial and centralized reports.

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Objective Investment Reporting

Ensure you’re investing each dollar wisely with a factual, filterable, and interactive analysis of your return from each channel compared to other colleges and universities.

  • Assess higher ed trends with MARKETview’s standardization of inquiry sources.
  • Appraise your investments and (alternative) list sources compared to peer cohorts.
  • Measure volumes, proportions and rates by source at each stage of the funnel.

Cost Savings and Operating Efficiencies

Take advantage of student-level scoring, reporting, and market data at every stage of the funnel for smarter allocation of your institution’s valuable resources.

  • Allocate spending more accurately by knowing which students need more attention.
  • Receive expert consultation on purchasing strategies and investments.
  • Increase overall net tuition revenue by making more informed recruitment decisions.

“I was able to tell my CFO I don’t need more staff because MARKETview can help us direct staff more efficiently.”

— Kent Barnds, Executive Vice President of External Relations at Augustana College

Partner Success Stories

One private institution on the East Coast with a goal of growing enrollment on a reduced budget leveraged MARKETview’s insights and expertise to develop prioritized lists of high-affinity students to receive print mailers. This resulted in a $126,810 reduction in print costs and an 8.2% lift in enrollment.  

One national institution located in the Midwest, with goals to grow its out-of-state enrollment and increase net tuition revenue maximized MARKETview’s proprietary modeling and targeting support to identify priority expansion markets, leading to a 17% increase in deposits and a $2.6 million increase in net tuition revenue.