There’s data and then there’s insight.
(The difference is crucial.)

How do you know you are making the best decision for your institution? If you’re looking exclusively at your own campus data and using regression-based strategies to predict future student behavior, you’re missing the much bigger picture.

Join the MARKETview community to begin making better, more informed decisions with the power and perspective of higher education’s fastest growing real-time data set.

Speak with an Expert

Your Goals Are Our Goals

A partnership with MARKETview begins with a strategic workshop where we discuss what you want to accomplish – from attracting more Pell-eligible students and increasing in-state enrollment to generating greater net tuition revenue and more.

From here we determine the elements critical to your success, establish daily performance monitoring and provide expert consultation on actionable steps for reaching your goals.


average weeks to implement
Unique student records
Student-level filters

Centralize your decision-making

MARKETview seamlessly consolidates your institution’s data sources and augments them with consumer data, allowing you to make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources and make investments – all in one convenient place.

Additional Features


Integrated and Filterable Dashboards

Connect all your institutional data sources including CRM, SIS, ERP, and Financial Aid tools to easily view and query dashboards through 250+ student-level filters for intelligence on the populations that matter most to you.

Board Education and Presentation Support

Access hands-on, customized support to create more compelling data-informed presentations to use with your president, trustees and other high-level institutional leaders.

Light-Speed Implementation and Access

Start in weeks, not months for more immediate value. We’ll connect your dataset to our platform (which works with any CRM on the market) and issue unlimited user licenses to your team.

Expert Perspectives and Recommendations

Take advantage of exclusive insights through first-rate analysis, actionable recommendations and monthly consultation sessions with the MARKETview team of higher ed experts, leaders and scholars.

“The MARKETview team has built an entire research agenda around my key objectives.”

— James Miller, Associate Provost and Dean of Admissions at Seattle University


When you sign a contract with MARKETview, our team of experts works with you to understand your institutional goals and then leverages our proprietary data to identify the elements critical to your success – in a way no one else can. We measure these elements daily and provide expert analysis and consultation on your progress and give you the actionable steps needed for success.

MARKETview includes data from point of first inquiry through to first year of retention from all of its partners. There are currently hundreds of schools participating, representing every region, size, shape, selectivity and affiliation. In total, there are tens of millions of student records normalized, enriched and contextualized on the platform.

The data is refreshed daily.

The typical implementation timeframe takes approximately 4-6 weeks.

Then you should want to be, too! MARKETview is truly a community that benefits as a whole from each and every participant; and in turn, the visibility and return on investment for each individual participant improves with every new partner – especially when they share or recruit the same type of students. Student behaviors become clearer, market movement richer and more textured, and relevance across dozens of dimensions sharper.

There is no limit on seat licenses in MARKETview. 

MARKETview data and insights are available to partners 24/7 on the platform itself, within your CRM and in regular strategy sessions with our team. In addition, we offer support for board presentations so key stakeholders have the right facts in order to make decisions.

Yes. MARKETview is platform agnostic and can connect to any system that contains student-level data.

Data is deidentifed and aggregated before it enters MARKETview so the confidentiality of your records is guaranteed. We are SOC 2 Type II compliant and regularly undergo vulnerability scans and penetration testing. Read more about our commitment to data security.

Yes, it is. From its inception, we designed the platform, data management, privacy, and use, and how we support partner decision-making to comply with FERPA and other well-known standards of Higher Education as guiding principles. For more details, please request a copy of our Client Data Security Whitepaper.