Your vantage point into the greater higher ed market.

See how your institution is performing at all stages of the funnel via in-depth, real-time data. Reporting includes comprehensive breakouts of key student groups relative to your peers, aspirants, and the overall market for both current and future class years. The objectivity of the data often brings to light new avenues for achieving your goals, helping you make the case to do things differently on your campus.

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“MARKETview is your best way to get a pulse on how your enrollment funnel is doing relative to the market and how to drive improvements.”

— Lauren Jensen, Vice President for Enrollment Strategy at Calvin University

Market Intelligence at Your Fingertips


Real-Time Performance Checks

Receive hyper-targeted insights to know how you compare across our growing list of cohort groups (average cohort size is 19 institutions).

Monitoring of Key Populations

See where you stand on student segments you’re targeting as well as gain increased visibility into what’s happening across the market with daily status reporting.

Market Trends Reporting

Simplify your life through an in-depth (but easy-to-understand), real-time analysis of market trends to enhance stakeholder communications.

Join MARKETview to access comparative data, including the following cohorts:

School Type Cohorts

  • Public
  • Private
  • Selective Liberal Arts
  • Selective National
  • Top 50 Liberal Arts
  • Rural
  • Hispanic-serving Institutions (HSI)
  • Catholic schools

Membership-Based Cohorts

  • American Talent Initiative (ATI)
  • Annapolis Group
  • Council of Independent Colleges (CIC)
  • Small College Consortium (SCC)

Geography-Based Cohorts

  • Middle States
  • Midwest
  • Midwest Private
  • New England
  • South
  • West

State-Specific Cohorts

  • New York
  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Pennsylvania

Partner Success Stories

One private institution in New England had a goal to become a Top 100 U.S. News institution. MARKETview’s comparative analytics showed other Top 100 institutions generate a larger proportion of their inquiries from Sophomore/Junior Search (50.8%) than this university (14.4%). This market data helped make the case for a greater investment in recruiting students earlier.  

One private, national university had a goal to rebuild its Nursing program, which had seen a steady decline since Covid. MARKETview’s comparative data showed other institutions yield Nursing students at 8.7% whereas other schools in the region are yielding them at 15.2%. Digging further, the data showed the biggest opportunity with the most affluent nursing students, who this school was discounting at half the rate (30.6%) of other institutions (62.5%). With this market data in hand, this institution was able to make the case for adjusting the aid policy for the Nursing program.