Your class is the sum of the decisions you make.

MARKETview delivers real-time decision-grade analytics so that college and university leaders have the intelligence and context they need to succeed.


I’ve never felt so on the offense before in my life. I thought this was going to help me understand my position in the market, but I didn’t fully appreciate how it would be putting me on the offense with great confidence.”

Vice President of Enrollment

Make better decisions, faster.


40M+ Student Records

Powered by a fast-growing data asset of tens of millions of student records, MARKETview reveals how college-bound student behavior is shifting in real-time.

Household-Level Consumer Data

More than 150 data variables are appended to each student record to provide a richer understanding of the students you serve and desire.

Real-Time Benchmarking

Understand how your institution compares to cohorts of similar schools to know whether you’re outperforming or underperforming industry standards.
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