Foresight as clear as hindsight.

This is the closest that higher-ed leaders can get to a GPS for enrollment strategy.

With student-level data updated daily and aggregated in ways never before possible, you’ll not only know exactly where you stand relative to the market – you’ll know where you’re headed.

Know more, sooner. Learn how.

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You just made my job so much easier.”

Director of Enrollment Marketing

Make better decisions, faster.


40M+ student records

Powered by a fast-growing data asset of tens of millions of student records, MARKETview shows you the shifts in college-bound student behavior in real time.

Richer data than you’ve ever known

MARKETview appends more than 150 data variables to each student record, providing a richer understanding of the students you wish to serve.

Real-time benchmarking

See how your institution compares to cohorts of similar schools to know whether you’re outperforming or underperforming at any time.
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Our partnership is unlike any other. You are critical; you see problems that we don’t see.”

Vice President of Enrollment and Student Success