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At MARKETview, we take an unbiased approach to how our partners choose to act upon the customized market intelligence we provide. Whether they use our data and recommendations to inform decisions within their own internal teams or with an external marketing or financial aid provider (as many institutions we work with do), seeing our partners succeed is all that matters to us.

That said, we also understand that some partners may need expert guidance in following through on the objective-focused insights we uncover. So, if you are interested in aligning what you know from MARKETview with actionable steps toward achieving your goals, please take a moment to learn more about the additional services we offer.


Financial Aid Optimization

Maximize your aid policy and achieve your revenue goals sooner through customized Financial Aid Optimization and Monitoring services. Our query-able, adaptive, interactive, and dynamic simulation model incorporates MARKETview insights to provide data-driven recommendations on the strategic deployment of your institutional merit- and need-based aid to reach your enrollment and financial objectives.

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Marketing Services

Two Ocean, our marketing services division, integrates MARKETview intelligence into every aspect of your direct marketing program. Using a highly personalized approach, we provide enrollment marketing that more deeply engages students and parents. Take advantage of custom multi-channel programs for Student Search, Application Marketing, and Deposit/Yield Marketing.

List+ Services

Buying names is important and expensive. List+ capitalizes on MARKETview’s ability to identify your right-fit markets and student types and combines it with Two Ocean’s student recruitment expertise – resulting in a more effective way to inform your selections of names and the execution of the purchases themselves. Using comparative data, we can also show you how your purchased lists are performing against peer institutions or a special cohort.
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