Optimize revenue through an elevated vision of the market.

Understand your institution’s pricing power using the most accurate data set of comparative context in higher education. This unsurpassed level of intelligence moves you beyond the anecdotal to clearly see where you stand relative to other institutions, allowing you to make more prudent financial aid decisions.

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A Better Way to Manage Financial Aid

Depending on your needs, you can maximize your aid policy and achieve your revenue goals sooner with MARKETview Financial Aid Optimization or Financial Aid Monitoring.

You’ll gain greater understanding of the yield sensitivity of students based on academic performance and ability/willingness to pay as well as deeper insight into how to optimize your net tuition revenue from specific student populations gleaned from MARKETview comparative data. Based on your preference, we can partner with you to build out a financial aid policy or you can create your own policy and we’ll provide expert consultation along the way.

Financial Aid Optimization
Customized, query-able, adaptive, interactive, and dynamic simulation model created for the strategic deployment of merit- and need-based aid to meet your enrollment and revenue objectives. See real-time reporting on your enrollment and net tuition revenue goals directly in MARKETview.

Financial Aid Monitoring
Already have your financial aid policy in place? We can help with the next steps by carefully watching the totality of your funnel, not merely aid awards and admitted students. The ability to manage the composition of the pool as it’s forming allows for optimization of the aid model. In addition, real-time, year-to-year changes in behavior will be monitored and shared via routine consultations.

Key Advantages

  • Begin optimization up funnel to effectively influence the makeup of your inquiry pool instead of just depending on yield strategies and discounting.
  • Know your point-in-time progress toward reaching your revenue goals with data refreshed daily and accessible 24/7.
  • See strengths and weaknesses within your admit and deposit pools as they pertain to your policy and projections.
  • Gain insight into specific student segments to find students who need greater financial assistance and to uncover potential aid scenarios.
  • Access hundreds of custom filters for unique views of your market position in ways that have never existed before.

“Now that we’ve brought financial aid in house, MARKETview’s Financial Aid Monitoring has been huge for us. It helps us keep a finger on the pulse and share what’s happening and where there are opportunities.”

— Mike Marshall, Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing and Communication at Bellarmine University