A partnership centered on your goals.

You have complex, nuanced goals and only MARKETview can deliver the individualized KPIs you need to reach them. We start by gaining a deep understanding of what you want to accomplish and then use this knowledge to uncover the unique critical elements required to achieve your institutional objectives.

These elements are constantly tracked, measured, and delivered to you via monitoring, customized reporting, and expert guidance on actionable steps you can take to realize meaningful success.

MARKETview helps you reach your goals

Goal: Build an interested pool earlier

“The work we have done with you to have a better pool and search more effectively is paying off. We are building an inquiry pool that is applying more.”

Greg Eichhorn, Vice President for Enrollment, University of New Haven

Goal: Expand our national footprint

“This is a storybook ending. You were a major player in our success. We could not have identified the markets without a tool like yours.”

Tom Bear, Vice President of Enrollment, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Goal: Increase Enrollment

“The goals I’m working towards rely on organizing our time using MARKETview data. This gets more of the right students into our pool, so we can increase our yield without spending money on simply increasing applications.”

Greg Matthews, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Western New England University

“MARKETview has provided more practical takeaways and more tangible insights than we ever imagined.”

— Steve Pultz, Assistant Vice President for Enrollment, University of San Diego

How our partnership works


We work with you to identify and articulate your goals.



We determine the critical elements necessary to meet these goals.



We measure these elements daily.



We provide real-time, actionable tasks to get you closer to your goal.


From goal identification and measurement to expert evaluation and actionable steps, MARKETview is committed to achieving success on your terms.