Enrollment Evolved: Impact by Decision Round 

In our third and final installment of enrollment findings from 2019-2023, we will focus on fluctuations within decision rounds for MARKETview’s Private Cohort. As a reminder, this is just one part of a more comprehensive study comprised of 60M+ student records, 130M+ consumer households, and institutional data from 150+ MARKETview partner colleges and universities. 

To view the full study, please access MARKETview’s new eBook, Enrollment Evolved: A Five-Year Study of Changing Student Behavior.   

So, let’s take a look at this excerpt showing how decision round preference has affected enrollment over the years. 

Shown above, the Other decision round (largely fueled by Rolling Decisions) grew in popularity, rising from 12.7% of all application types in 2022 to 16.6% in 2023. The Other grouping also includes Direct Admissions offers. As colleges seek new ways of streamlining the admissions process, we can expect more schools to consider this option. The trade-off is that Direct Admissions students yield at much lower rates than other application types.  

Early Action took a slight dip in enrollments from 2019 (39.4%) to 2023 (39.0%), while Early Decision enrollments increased from 2019 (10.9%) to 2023 (12.7%). This makes sense, as students in those two rounds are much more likely to enroll than those choosing Regular Decision and Other rounds.  

Ultimately, connecting with students sooner in high school and encouraging them to apply Early Action or Early Decision is a winning formula to encourage deposit behavior. 

For more insights into the changing behaviors of students, we encourage you to check out the full eBook for additional views, including: 

  • Demographic breakouts by region and race/ethnicity  
  • Changes in first-source proportion and yield  
  • Actionable next steps for enrollment teams  

At MARKETview, our unmatched data set paired with expert analysts are shedding light on the unknown, preparing our partners for the challenges ahead through real-time market context tailored to their institutional objectives. We hope you found this post insightful and invite you to check back regularly for updates on latest developments in higher education. 


Enrollment Evolved: A Five-Year Study of Changing Student Behavior

Discover how five years of multiple disrupting factors in higher ed have affected student preferences regarding college choice.

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