Common Application Influence Continues to Rise

The Common Application continues to gain share in overall volume.

In mid-February 2020, 51.6 percent of total applications to all schools were submitted through the Common Application. Just two years later, the mid-February 2022 proportion has significantly increased: 65.8 percent of all applications submitted. Meanwhile, Institutional applications lost nearly eight percentage points over the same two-year period.  

Yield rates for each application type have long differed; students applying through Institutional applications yield at 18.8 percent, while students using the Common App yield at 14.4 percent. The Common App makes it easy for students to apply to multiple schools. A recent Common App report shares that the total number of applications submitted per applicant is up 6.1 percent over last year. 

When considering Common App-exclusive schools – those who accept applications only through the Common App – should we expect a different yield story? Surprisingly, not really. Of MARKETview partner institutions exclusive to the Common App, yield is 13.6 percent. 

The Common App’s influence will only continue to grow, as it is far more than just an application platform. It is also a college search engine – a one-stop shop for students on their college search.