Farrell Day Announces Rebrand to MARKETview Education Partners

Farrell Day, LLC, the first of its kind provider of real-time decision analytics and benchmarking for college and university leaders, announced today that it has completed a major rebranding. The rapid growth in its community of college and university partners, coupled with growing recognition and engagement with the MARKETview software platform that serves them, accelerated the shift to a more representative brand. 

“The rebranding formalizes what our growing portfolio of partners already knows us to be,” said John Nester, Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer. “We provide them with a dynamic view of the market and their relative place within it so they can make better, faster decisions and achieve their goals. The new brand reaffirms our value and commitment to them.”  

Launched in January 2019, Farrell Day sought to build a data-first analytics business based on the power of trust, experience, and relationships developed over decades spent serving the admissions, enrollment and financial aid modeling sectors.  

“When Farrell Day first launched, we relied on our reputation and relationships, and we believed strongly that there was a better way for colleges and universities to unlock the power of their data,” said Jim Day. “We also believed the business would quickly outgrow our names if we realized our ambitions.”  

Those foundational hallmarks are now imbued in the data, technology, and service of MARKETview and the rapidly growing, mission-driven team of nearly fifty (50) engineers, analysts data scientists, and client success professionals focused on providing higher education leaders with real-time, decision-grade analytics. 

“For years we witnessed the deep chasm that existed between all the data schools collect and the decisions made on a daily basis,” added Peter Farrell. “Together with our partners and MARKETview, we’re changing that in a meaningful and scalable way.” 

About MARKETview Education Partners 

MARKETview Education Partners is an early-stage education technology company focused on helping student-serving institutions of higher education achieve their goals. MARKETview partnerships leverage a proprietary software-as-a-service platform to deliver decision-grade analytics on demand so that higher education leaders have the intelligence and context they need to succeed. With a rapidly growing base of college and university partners and tens of millions of student records, MARKETview reveals how college-bound student behavior is shifting in real-time, helps partners understand how their institution compares to cohorts of similar schools and across hundreds of data dimensions, and continually illuminates opportunities for focus and investment amid the rapidly changing landscape of higher education.