Stefan Bauer

Founding Partner & Chief Technology Officer

Stefan Bauer is a Founding Partner and the Chief Technology Officer at MARKETview. He is responsible for directing the hardware, software, and database architecture for MARKETview.  He has decades of experience creating business intelligence and data warehouse solutions across several industries, including banking, retail, marketing and insurance, working within most major databases such as Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, and Amazon Redshift as well as data lake solutions using Databricks. 

Stefan has a bachelor’s degree in information systems from Virginia Commonwealth University. He’s also authored the book “Getting Started with Redshift,” and enjoys teaching topics on architecture, database administration, and performance tuning.  

“There is an urgent need throughout higher education for institutions to have a deeper understanding of their data so they can make better decisions to support their students. Giving schools the vision, understanding, and context to succeed is the reason MARKETview exists.”