James Day

Founding Principal

Jim is Founding Principal. He and 10 partners founded MARKETview (initially Farrell Day) in 2019 to create a new, comprehensive, unit-record data architecture for higher education enrollment planning and management, and ultimately student access and success. 

The breadth of institutional experience in Jim’s background proceeds from both student experience—degrees from Beloit College, The University of Iowa, and Harvard University—and professional—senior positions at Cornell College and the University of Minnesota. He added expertise in higher education finance building the groundbreaking policy analysis operation at the 16-college Minnesota Private College Council following completion of his second graduate degree at the Harvard Kennedy School. In 1994 he founded the enrollment management and financial aid modeling firm, Hardwick Day, introducing data analysis, econometric modeling, and marketing research to advance enrollment success to hundreds of colleges, universities, and consortia across the country.