Buni Neighbors

Founding Partner, Client Success

Buni Neighbors is the Founding Partner, Client Success at MARKETview. She leads the team that is responsible for establishing a deep understanding of our partner’s goals, using MARKETview to track the critical elements needed for success, and providing actionable steps to reach these goals.     

Prior to MARKETview, Buni spent nearly two decades in leadership roles at Royall & Company and EAB, leading client success teams and working with senior leaders in higher education to provide service and support for enrollment marketing, data, and analytics initiatives.   

She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Richmond and a certificate in digital marketing through Virginia Commonwealth University’s Interactive Marketing Institute.   

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her college-aged children and volunteering on the Educational Foundational Board for the Benedictine Schools of Richmond.  

“I’ve never had a tool like MARKETview that can give the kind of insights that schools need to succeed, so my work is mission-driven because when our clients succeed, they create opportunities for more students to access a college education.”   

“Choosing the right college is one of the biggest decisions a person can make, and it is vital to help students find the right fit so they can be successful in school and beyond.”