How do you know you are making the best decision for your institution? If you’re looking exclusively at your own campus data and using regression-based strategies to predict future student behavior, there is a better way.

Join the MARKETview community to begin making better, more informed decisions with the power and perspective of higher education’s fastest growing real-time dataset.

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When you know more, you can do better.

MARKETview delivers decision-grade analytics on demand so that you have the intelligence and context you need to succeed. 

MARKETview’s real-time vision into student behavior unlocks the ability to understand them at a deeper level, to compare performance to peers, and to quickly take action for in-cycle and long-term success.

MARKETview’s distinct dataset and team of experts are always available to support you and to:

  • Contextualize performance and KPIs against peer institutions
  • Better understand the makeup and characteristics of your student population as it’s building
  • Identify strategic opportunities and uncover hidden trends to boost performance
  • Alert you to emerging risks in real-time, allowing time to take any necessary actions

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MARKETview clients have access to a growing list of features available both within the platform and outside of it.


Tens of Millions of Student Records

Our platform harnesses tens of millions of student records to highlight the real-time market shifts in college-bound student behavior.

Nuanced Consumer Data on Each Household

MARKETview leverages consumer data to enrich each student record, allowing you to know more about the socioeconomic profile of each family sooner than ever before.

Performance Checks Compared to Peer Schools

See how your institution compares to cohorts of similar schools to know whether you’re outperforming or underperforming at any time.
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