Revisiting the Local Market: How is EC22 Trending?

Six weeks ago we published an early look into how students closest to our partner campuses were behaving – finding a year-over-year drop in pre-senior inquiries and continuing a trend we saw with last year’s class. As the admission cycle continues to mature and students are submitting applications, we wanted to take another look. 

Local Inquiries 

Over the last month-and-a-half we’ve seen a significant recovery. As of November 4, inquiries from students who live within 100 miles of campus are up about 3% year-over-year. Inquiries from students who raised their hands prior to their senior year and live within 100 miles of our partners campuses are up even more, about 6%, compared to last year. 

Local Applications 

Application volume is also moving in a positive direction. As of November 4, applications from students who live within 100 miles of campus are up about 1% as compared to this time last year. Despite the overall growth in application volume – and the growth in inquiries – applications from students who first inquired as sophomores and juniors are down about 2%. We’ll keep a close eye on this population over the next weeks and see how these numbers change.  

As the 2022 admissions cycle continues to progress, we’ll keep an eye on how students closest to campus are behaving at a macro-level. This high-level analysis complements the decision-grade data our partners have access to daily and enables them to continually make better, faster decisions.