Navigating the FAFSA Delay: Will You Be Ready? 

All of higher education is anxiously awaiting the day FAFSAs arrive and finally provide precious insight on how their incoming classes are shaping up. When that point comes, the question then may be, is your enrollment team prepared to address unknowns such as… 

…Is my school receiving a reasonable number of FAFSAs? 
…How does the shape of my FAFSA pool compare to similar institutions? 
…Is my yield performing as it should at this point? 

These are questions that many institutions can’t answer on their own – especially this cycle when year-over-year metrics are meaningless. Here at MARKETview, we’ve been preparing for this change and can offer support to those in need through our Financial Aid Optimization and Financial Aid Monitoring Services.   

Using higher education’s only aggregated and real-time data platform, we empower our partners to move beyond anecdotal observations to clearly see where they stand relative to other institutions AND make more prudent financial aid decisions. 

Gain an Elevated Vision of FAFSA Filer Behavior 

With new releases designed to address the uncertainties created by the FAFSA delay, our Financial Aid Services provide greater insight (via real-time reporting) into what’s happening across the higher ed landscape – both for students who have filed for aid and those who have not.  

This deeper degree of market intelligence is beneficial for schools with significant enrollment objectives, especially those facing crucial net tuition revenue goals. Plus, depending on partner preference, we can provide support in building out/reshaping an aid policy, or simply provide expert consultation as needed. The success of our partners is all that matters to us. 

Here are a few updates we’ve made for 2024 that help you know more about the students in your pool: 

  • See proportion of Aid filers by SAI for your institution and the larger market. 
  • Gauge how your school and others are performing locally, regionally, and nationally. 
  • Access MARKETview filters to quickly identify target audiences and export IDs. 

See If You’re on Track to Achieve Your Goals 

For institutions that already have an aid policy in place, our Financial Aid Monitoring Service can support them in knowing how they’re progressing toward reaching their enrollment and revenue objectives.  

As part of this service, we will monitor the totality of the funnel, not merely aid awards and admitted students, to identify the critical elements for your success. The ability to adapt the make-up of your pool as it is being constructed allows for continual optimization of the aid model – giving our partners added flexibility in adjusting to any additional surprises that may come with the FAFSA delays. 

Features of our monitoring service, include: 

  • The ability to optimize at any part of funnel. 
  • Custom reporting updated daily, offering vision on effectiveness with Admits by need and academic levels. 
  • Expert counsel through yield season. 
  • The option to add custom filters and capture unique Entering Class nuances (i.e. departments, colleges, or special program admits). 


Achieve Your Revenue Goals Sooner with a New Approach to Financial Aid Optimization

MARKETview Financial Aid Optimization gives you a greater understanding of the yield sensitivity of students based on academic performance and ability/willingness to pay as well as deeper insight into maximizing net tuition revenue.

Want to learn more? 

If you’re feeling unsure about the unpredictability with FAFSA in the weeks and months ahead, MARKETview can offer solace in the form of unmatched, real-time data and professional consultation on the best aid strategies for achieving your goals. 
We would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about knowing your point-in-time progress toward reaching your enrollment and revenue objectives.