Confidence Requires Courage: How a Thirst For Knowledge Will Help You Tackle This Year’s Financial Aid Challenges 

photo of the word "courage" in word blocks.

Somewhere beyond being data-driven is the concept of data courageous. One of the things that have inspired me most since joining MARKETview is the courage our partners display in a rapidly changing landscape. Their courage begins from a data-first perspective. This habit not only applies to the changes they are driving at their institutions but, more importantly, to how they respond to the universal changes impacting all colleges and universities this year.  

Why does the hunger for every bit of relevant information require courage? Because you might find yourself needing to think differently about your strategy, your instincts, and even your convictions. That’s not always easy.  

For those of us who have trouble sleeping in a world of increased uncertainty for higher education, this could be a banner year for restless nights. As if the Supreme Court’s recent judgments aren’t volatile enough, the legislative branch has handed down FAFSA ‘simplification.’ Personally, I’m excited to see how the forecasted expansion of Pell eligibility actually plays out…even if that does mean waiting a few extra months for the FAFSA release.  

While there are a lot of curious questions like this out there, we’re prepared for the courageous questions that challenge our thinking.  

How do we begin contextualizing FAFSA filing behavior and the Student Aid Index? 

The FAFSA filing has always been a critical engagement indicator, how will we assess progress given the change in timing? 

When will you know if you need to change deadlines, communication strategy, aid policy, or release dates? 

How does the economic distribution of your pool compare to local and national trends? Is this materially different from previous years?  

Have the applicants themselves, their filing behavior, and completion rates materially changed?  

These are just a few of the countless questions MARKETview, along with our Financial Aid Monitoring and Optimization services and experts, are excited to answer this cycle. 

Join us on July 27 at 2:00 pm EDT for a discussion of these questions and more. We’ll share how we’ll address every Student Aid Index, household income, and consumer profile questions that emerge throughout the fall 2024 cycle, as well as an overview of how our financial aid services can provide clarity among the uncertainty. 

Our partners have every reason to feel courageous and confident as we enter this cycle, knowing MARKETview will provide daily analysis on FAFSA filing characteristics, behavior and pacing.