Celebrating Three Years


If Covid didn’t have other plans, we’d be gathering in Cape Coral, Florida tonight at the College Board Colloquium to celebrate MARKETview’s 3rd birthday. It was exactly three years ago at the same event where we hosted our first brainstorming and product/market fit discussion with several enrollment leaders who became some of our earliest partners – Chris Lydon (The Catholic University of America), Jimmie Foster (formerly College of Charleston, currently Franklin & Marshall College), Michael Kyle (St. Olaf College), and Stefanie Niles (Ohio Wesleyan University).

In some ways, this seems like yesterday. And in others, it seems like more than a decade has passed! In every way, I’m amazed by the relationships we’ve developed and ground we’ve covered since then. Let’s retrace some of the important steps we’ve taken in this 3rd year of our collaborative journey.


It all begins with our partners and the value we’re able to create for them. A big part of that value equation is continually adding new participants so the data asset and models get richer and the view of the market gets clearer. We’re proud to say that we doubled the number of colleges and universities in our MARKETview community this year. In total, we now have more than 40M student records in our database, meaning sharper vision across the market for better decisions.


We made significant progress on our MARKETview development roadmap, thanks in large part to feedback and encouragement from our partners. From publishing a Knowledge Base full of interactive training modules and tutorials to releasing our proprietary predictive analytics to more than doubling the number of comparative cohorts, there were some exciting and high-value additions this year.


We started the business as a group of friends – friends who were bound by the desire and drive to change the way higher ed uses data to make decisions. We’ve purposely continued to build the team in that spirit.  We’re bringing together the very best talent, experience, and chemistry who are shaping the early essence of our platform, service and culture. Specific to this calendar year we’ve doubled the size of our team of analysts, engineers and higher ed experts in support of growth and partners.

Oh, and we officially changed our company name to MARKETview and completely rebranded to better align with how the market knows us and to reflect that we are much, much more than two really smart and respected guys (that’d be “Farrell” and “Day” for those of you unfamiliar with our early history)!

While the cutting-room floor around me is littered with other successes from the past year, I wanted to keep this update to the truest of highlights.  Every investment we make in time, talent, and resources is focused on helping our partners achieve their goals, while also delivering clear value and return on their investment with us.

Wish we were celebrating together tonight, but here’s to each of you who are – or soon will be – part of this journey with us. It’s YOU we are toasting from afar.