Celebrating 4 Years

It was four years ago today, in 2019, when we hosted our first brainstorming and product/market fit discussions with several enrollment leaders in Florida.

The product ultimately became MARKETview, and these trusted friends went on to become some of our earliest partners – Jimmie Foster (formerly College of Charleston, currently Franklin & Marshall College), Michael Kyle (St. Olaf College), Chris Lydon (formerly The Catholic University of America, currently LaSalle University), and Stefanie Niles (formerly Ohio Wesleyan University, currently Cottey College).

The early adoption by these and other enrollment thought leaders created the momentum that’s helped us garner the participation and support of so many others. We’re humbled to share that we nearly doubled (again) the number of colleges and universities in our MARKETview community this year, fortifying a representative footprint as measured by region, institution type, and college-going students. By continually adding and retaining new partners, the data asset and models get richer, the view of the market gets clearer, and the value of these insights gets enhanced.  

Another key dimension to delivering value is a commitment to continuous innovation. This year, we made great strides in our MARKETview product development roadmap. Significant releases included user experience improvements; vision into inquiry timing, application timing, and student-level test score availability; comparative FAFSA data; and the addition of MARKETview Financial Aid Optimization and Financial Aid Monitoring. All of these development priorities enable enrollment leaders to better allocate resources, assess and adjust their productivity and performance in real-time, and communicate more effectively across campus in ways never before possible. 

Finally, MARKETview is what it is and what it will be because of the colleagues that serve our partners. We continue to bring together the very best talent, experience, and culture to complement and collaborate with our partners.  This calendar year we’ve increased our team of analysts, engineers, and higher ed experts by another 50% to best serve our partner and business growth. 

Every investment we make in time, talent, and resources is focused on helping our partners achieve their goals, while delivering clear value and return on their investment with us.  

Whether celebrating in our Richmond headquarters or on a vibrant campus somewhere, here’s to each of you who are – or soon will be – part of this journey with us. It’s to YOU, your support, and your success we toast!