A Real-Time Look at Catholic Institutions

With nearly 40 Catholic member institutions (and 120 institutions overall) in its dataset, MARKETview can provide a rich, comprehensive, point-in-time look at Catholic school performance this enrollment cycle.

Read on to see how EC2023 Catholic applications have changed by volume, region, and origin source.


National applications are doing well overall, up year-over-year by 4.5% — and Catholic institutions are doing even better. Over 2022, Catholic applications are up by 6.4%. This marked uptick is the result of increased application activity in the West and Southwest regions.

Important note: While national admits follow a similar upward trend (up 3.9% over last year), point-in-time admits among Catholic institutions are trending downward at -3.2%.

Origin Sources

The original sources of engagement are shifting. We’ll let the graphs do the talking, but we want to call out the continued rise in first-source applicants (those students who never engage or inquire prior to applying).

Pay particular attention to the significant rise in applicants originating from Visits. Could this signal a return to pre-pandemic norms? We’ll keep an eye on this, but it does suggest that Visits will play an increasingly important role in pool composition in coming years.

We hope this was a helpful glimpse into the real-time performance of Catholic applications and admits. If you’d like to dive deeper into any of these trends or compare your institution to other groups, we’d love to chat. Just schedule a half-hour here to connect with us.