6 Tips for a Successful In-House Search

Fall is surely a busy time as you build your applicant pool, travel, and host on-campus tours and events.

Whether you are just now bringing your student search in-house or you have your search strategies mastered, we’ve prepared some important tips and reminders to keep handy throughout the fall:

1. Acquire Names Regularly. Students opt into search daily, so if you haven’t already, change the frequency at which you acquire names. Instead of only acquiring large volumes after a specific data release, acquire a steady volume of names regularly. With this method, you won’t waste any time waiting to communicate with students who are ready to connect (and are likely hearing from other institutions!).

2. Target your most important populations of students. Make sure your applicant pool builds with the populations you need throughout the fall to reach your deposit goals in the spring. And don’t miss the opportunity to align your search and recruitment efforts! Ensure you have a system in place to help your counselors prioritize time and outreach with these key populations.

3. Know your audience – and communicate with them consistently. Students who joined your inquiry pool as sophomores have had years to get to know you – but those who join as seniors haven’t. In addition to providing information on requisite deadlines and logistics, ensure your senior-joined inquiries also have an opportunity to learn what makes your institution different. And, it sounds simple, but make sure your email communication flows are updated to regularly engage prospects, inquiries, and application starters.

To access the final 3 tips, download your full infographic here.