2023 Deposit Insights in the Aftermath of May 1 (Part 1)

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For our colleagues in admissions offices across the country, the significance of May 1 cannot be overstated as this date determines if annual enrollment goals have been met or not. Success or failure can directly affect their livelihoods and those of the institutions they work for.

MARKETview has shared our insights and analysis on this year’s deposit trends as of May 1 in a free webinar for the fourth year in a row.

During this presentation, we discussed:

  • How deposit timing shifted this cycle compared to previous cycles
  • Outcomes based on decision round
  • The role international students played in the formation of the entering class
  • Continued changes in test score submissions and their impact on the entering class
  • Which inquiry sources proved to be the highest yielding and which presented challenges
  • And much more

Our findings come from the MARKETview proprietary dataset which includes tens of millions of student records with peer school comparisons enhanced by household-level consumer data updated every day. The result is an extremely clear and actionable understanding of the trends and nuances from this year’s admissions cycle.

We’ll be sharing our findings from this year’s deposit trends as of May 1 in a series of blog posts throughout the month. Subscribe to our blog to get alerts for future posts or follow us on LinkedIn for updates.

Overview of Deposit Insights for 2023

Overall, it’s clear we are entering the post-pandemic normal, with some metrics returning to pre-pandemic baselines while other data points appear to be forever altered following the impact of COVID-19.

These effects were not evenly distributed as we often observed different outcomes between public and private institutions. For example, public institutions saw a rise in applications, admits and net deposits, year-over-year, while private schools saw applications rise, admits remain flat and net deposits drop.

The table below demonstrates how this year’s cycle was off to a fast start before cooling off eventually, particularly for private schools.

In Part 2 of our series, we’ll take a closer look at how Early Decision and Early Action trends and test score submissions influenced 2023 deposit volume.

Wondering how your institution did relative to other schools?

Watch the recording of “The Aftermath of May 1” to discover our eight key takeaways from the 2023 admissions cycle, including a deeper analysis of the trends discussed above.

The Aftermath of May 1:The Biggest Surprises of the Cycle

This webinar discussed the key deposit trends that emerged in 2023, identified the year’s most productive inquiry sources, and shed light on what this might mean for future cycles.

We discussed all these insights plus cohort-level analysis and additional consumer rating and geographic trends during our May Trends Tuesday webcast (exclusive for MARKETview partners).

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