15 Questions About the College Board Changes We Plan To Answer

student taking a test

Our recent blog post on the Changing Landscape of College Search suggested five tips for building a proactive response plan to give you the best chance of success amid the College Board changes. The MARKETview team will be keeping a close eye on the data—both for each of our individual partners and on a global scale—to understand the impact.  

Here’s a list of 15 questions we’ll be answering as this cycle (and the next one!) unfolds:  

  1. Is inquiry volume for the Entering Classes of 2025 and 2026 truly suppressed?  
  1. Are there particular types of institutions that are more affected by the College Board changes than others?  
  1. Is there a migration from Search to other channels?  
  1. Is Search contributing to a smaller proportion of these future class inquiry pools?  
  1. Are schools choosing to diversify and/or expand their list portfolios by investing in list sources other than College Board?  
  1. If so, which channels are driving the most volume?  
  1. If more schools are increasing investments in alternative list sources, will these “purchased” names become more efficacious than they have been historically?  
  1. Is the composition of the inquiry pool changing socioeconomically?   
  1. Are inquiry pools becoming more geographically diverse as schools expand their marketing channels?  
  1. Are males or females similarly engaging with the Connections app?  
  1. Do students who engage through Connections behave differently than those who come through other channels?  
  1. What is the application rate of students who have engaged through the Connections app?* 
  1. How does the application rate of students who have engaged through the Connections app vary by institution type?* 
  1. Do students who have engaged through the Connections app yield at different rates than other students?*  
  1. What proportion of enrollments are generated from “pre-senior” Search, and how has that changed over time?* 

*Data will not be available until the 2024-2025 recruitment cycle.  

We will be periodically sharing our findings throughout the current and following cycles on our blog. To receive alerts when new insights are published, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on LinkedIn.