MARKETview Releases Report for Entering Class 2026

Product feature provides MARKETview partners with real-time market intelligence to monitor the student populations most critical to their future-cycle success.  

(Richmond, VA) MARKETview Education Technology, LLC, a comparative analytics and education technology company serving enrollment teams at colleges and universities nationwide, released its latest entering class report in the MARKETview platform. 

The Entering Class 2026 Report helps a school identify areas of opportunity and risk using a combination of their own three-year trends point in time as well as comparisons against cohorts of similar institutions. With these early signals, MARKETview partners have a greater lead time to take action.   

Students engaging during the sophomore year of high school are a key segment for each entering class. In 2023, these sophomore inquiries ultimately made up just over 10% of enrollment. Additionally, we know students who are recruited as sophomores often remain stealth through the process, indicating the true impact of marketing to these students early is even higher. This report helps institutions measure progress with this important population as they work to recruit future generations of college students.  

“It’s never too early to connect with students of future class years and track their engagement. This report will enable our partners to get a head start towards their enrollment goals for Entering Class of 2026,” said Anna Swanson, Founding Partner, Data & Analytics at MARKETview.      

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MARKETview is centered on developing a deep understanding of the specific goals of our partner institutions and helping them achieve enrollment success using higher education’s only aggregated and real-time student data set. Updated and delivered daily, all data is organized at the student-record level and standardized across institutions, providing clear and actionable steps that our partners can use to make better, more informed enrollment, marketing, and financial aid decisions.