MARKETview Releases New Findings on Student Academic Interests 

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New product feature standardizes academic interest data from MARKETview partners across 17 distinct categories.  
(Richmond, VA) – MARKETview, a comparative analytics and education technology company serving enrollment teams in higher education, released new findings on student academic interests after standardizing and analyzing major data from over 130 partner institutions from 2021-present. 

These findings follow the product feature release of the Academic Interest report in the MARKETview platform. MARKETview partners can use this report to analyze and compare their school’s average net tuition revenue and discount rate by academic interest, as well as compare year-over-year volume, conversion rates, and composition of applicant, admit and deposit pools relative to their peers and the national market. 

Key findings from the analysis of academic interests among partner institutions include: 

  • Among private institutions, Social Sciences ($27,629), Interdisciplinary ($27,405), and Business ($25,787) majors yielded the highest average net tuition revenue (NTR). Average NTR for all categories was $23,627. 
  • Majors that comprise Biology Sciences, Business and Liberal Arts Academic Interest categories make up nearly 40% of applications.  
  • Computer Science experienced the largest year-over-year change in application volume from 2022 to 2023 at 23.6%. Nursing applications increased significantly (+14.9%) after seeing just a 1.5% increase the prior year. 
  • Among students of color: 
    • Criminal Justice (+19.8%), Law (+17.1%), and Nursing (+14.1%) saw the greatest year-over-year increase in applications. 
    • Physical Sciences (-6.1%), Psychology (-7.5%), and Multiple Majors (-39.8%) saw the greatest year-over-year decrease in applications. 

This new proprietary intelligence report is another way for MARKETview partners to leverage real-time data to understand where their institution stands relative to the marketplace, so they can achieve academic program-specific institutional goals. 

“The Academic Interest report provides yet another dimension to help identify and measure the most important elements for our partners’ success,” said Anna Swanson, Founding Partner, Data & Analytics at MARKETview.  

“Knowing how students nationwide are responding to specific academic interests and majors in real-time allows our partners to adjust strategies and allocate their resources accordingly, giving them the best chance to meet their enrollment and revenue goals.” 

MARKETview presented a detailed breakdown of these findings and more in a recent webinar

About MARKETview  
MARKETview is centered on developing a deep understanding of the specific goals of our partner institutions and helping them achieve enrollment success using higher education’s only aggregated and real-time student data set. Updated and delivered daily, all data is organized at the student-record level and standardized across institutions, providing clear and actionable steps that our partners can use to make better, more informed decisions faster.