MARKETview Applicant Score Returns for the Entering Class of 2024

Product feature predicts the probability of applicants depositing if admitted to an institution for next year’s entering class. 

(Richmond, VA) MARKETview, a comparative analytics and education technology company serving enrollment teams in higher education, released their annual scoring tool with added predictive power to forecast the probability that an individual applicant will deposit to an institution if admitted for the Entering Class of 2024. 

The MARKETview Applicant Score provides a deeper understanding of the composition of our partners’ applicant pools so they can manage their time and resources more effectively.  

The Applicant Score model uses 150+ consumer data variables including credit histories, household income, and purchasing habits combined with geographic and demographic data. The result outputs a score indicating a student’s likelihood to deposit to an institution if admitted.  

This tool helps partner institutions decide how to allocate their resources to target students who are the best fit for their school. For reference, the overall yield rate for students in the Entering Class of 2023 across all MARKETview partners was 6 times greater for those ranked with the highest likelihood-to-deposit score, compared to those with the lowest likelihood-to-deposit score.  

“At MARKETview, our promise is to uncover the most critical elements for our partners’ success, measure them daily, and offer action items to give them the best chance of achieving their goals.  The feedback on the accuracy of this model has been incredibly exciting, and we’re thrilled to add even more predictive power this cycle,” said Anna Swanson, Founding Partner, Data & Analytics at MARKETview.    

About MARKETview   
MARKETview is centered on developing a deep understanding of the specific goals of our partner institutions and helping them achieve enrollment success using higher education’s only aggregated and real-time student data set. Updated and delivered daily, all data is organized at the student-record level and standardized across institutions, providing clear and actionable steps that our partners can use to make better, more informed decisions faster.