HIRED! Thompson Oney

Thompson Oney

The MARKETview team is excited to welcome its newest Data Analyst, Thompson Oney.

Thompson graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Following his undergraduate experience, he stayed at Virginia for another year to pursue his Master of Science in Commerce with a specialization in Finance. Through his education experience, Thompson developed a keen interest in analysis, both quantitative and qualitative/business-focused. Prior to MARKETview, Thompson worked for Davenport & Company as a Public Finance Analyst. In his time at Davenport, Thompson further strengthened his analytic capabilities and gained valuable insight into the processes and functions of financial markets.

In his free time, Thompson enjoys playing the guitar and various other instruments. He has been a part of various bands, beginning in high school and continuing through college and beyond. In addition to playing music, Thompson enjoys attending as many live concerts as he can and is also an avid vinyl record collector.

“After I left my previous job, I knew I wanted to find a new opportunity that would allow me to utilize the skills that I’ve acquired through my education and work experience in a different way,” he said. “When I learned that MARKETview is looking for people that are analytically minded but also able to approach problems creatively, I thought it sounded like a perfect fit.”