HIRED! Radiah Tanisha

MARKETview is thrilled to welcome its newest Data Analyst, Radiah Tanisha.

Tanisha graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a master’s in Information Systems. She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Engineering and worked as a Software QA Engineer before moving to the United States for her postgraduate degree. She has always loved working with data. During her time at UMD, she had the opportunity to leverage data and her technical skills to solve real world business problems. Working with diverse data sources, designing, and executing innovative analytical solutions throughout her graduate studies led her to pursue a career in analytics.

Aside from being a data professional, Tanisha loves to spend her time reading psychological thrillers and self-help books or watching anime. She also enjoys traveling and trying out different cuisines.

“It is very exciting to see how MARKETview is delivering goals that are centered around the Higher Education institutions and using technology to drive solution,” she said. “I’m thrilled to join the MARKETview team and add to the value the company creates for its partners.”