HIRED! Jeremy New

Jeremy New

MARKETview Education Partners is thrilled to welcome Jeremy New as Director of Marketing Analytics. Prior to joining Farrell Day Jeremy was the Director of Data and Analytics at Three Five Two. He led a team focused on analytics and data science consulting. He led projects across a range of firms from an IOT technology startup to Fortune 100 companies like Nationwide Insurance.

Previously Jeremy spent 5 years in the higher education industry at Royall & Company (EAB). He worked closely with partner institutions and internal product development in roles as Strategy & Analytics Manager, Marketing Strategy Analyst, and Strategic Analyst.

Jeremy graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with an Honors degree in Political Science. He is completing an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Jeremy and his family currently live in Tampa, Florida and will be returning to their hometown of Richmond, Virginia in the summer of 2022. He enjoys time with his twin sons and playing sports.