HIRED! Carson Moum

Carson Moum

The MARKETview team is excited to welcome its newest Data Analyst, Carson Moum. Carson graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelor of Arts in Statistics. While attending UVA, Carson explored various quantitative avenues before finding a passion for data analytics where he committed his attention to the Statistics field. Taking a plethora of analytical courses during his educational career, Carson found a knack for learning and furthering his understanding of both coding and theoretical concepts before graduating in May 2022. Prior to MARKETview, Carson worked seasonally for Westwood Pharmacy where he learned the importance of being organized, communicative, and confidential in a professional setting to optimize results and support patients in a safe and secure manner.

Carson is hardworking and motivated, yet personable and charismatic. He enjoys experiencing new perspectives and works to keep the workplace environment comfortable and inviting for prosperous conversations and insightful discussions. Carson enjoys spending time with his friends and family and looks forward to joining the MARKETview team and growing his skills and relationships following his graduation.

“While exploring career paths, I came across MARKETview and immediately knew that I had come across a special opportunity,” says Carson, “I knew that I would be able to grow and learn in a such an engaging environment while also helping students and institutions improve their lives and processes to grow and prosper in the future.”