Comparative Vision into Entering Class 2024 Aid Applicants Now Available in MARKETview 

The new reporting feature enables MARKETview partners to see comparative metrics for both financial aid filers and non-filers as well as distributions of filing activity based on the Department of Education’s new Student Aid Index (SAI) formula. 

(Richmond, VA) MARKETview, a comparative analytics and education technology company helping its college and university partners nationwide achieve enrollment, retention, and revenue goals, released a new financial aid reporting feature on the behavior of Entering Class 2024 Aid Applicants.  

This report provides MARKETview partners with clear insights into key populations of Aid Applicants and Non-Applicants that require immediate action. It also helps them understand the filing behavior of students across the market and how their own incoming class is building in comparison. Data displayed in MARKETview is fully anonymized and complies with the most recent changes in regulations from the Department of Education.

“This elevated level of real-time vision is only available in MARKETview and does not exist anywhere else,” said Anna Swanson, Founding Partner, Data & Analytics at MARKETview. “Partners can see the overall filing status and the proportion of filers for Admits and Deposits through hundreds of filters available within MARKETview.” 

This has been a difficult year for colleges and universities across the nation. Students and families have faced significant challenges due to the ongoing delays from the Department of Education and the new FAFSA rollout. Ultimately this new feature will help MARKETview partners move closer to their entering class goals during a time of extreme uncertainty in the enrollment marketplace.  

“This unique report allows our partners to make crucial aid and outreach decisions to bring this cycle to a strong close and achieve their objectives,” said Swanson.  

About MARKETview    
MARKETview is centered on developing a deep understanding of the specific goals of our partner institutions and helping them achieve enrollment success using higher education’s only aggregated and real-time student data set. Updated and delivered daily, all data is organized at the student-record level and standardized across institutions, providing clear and actionable steps that our partners can use to make better, more informed enrollment, marketing, and financial aid decisions.