Here’s a list of the top questions we’ve been hearing from leaders like you. If we’re missing something or you have something on your mind, let us know!

How much data is included in MARKETview? How many schools are participating?

MARKETview includes data from point of first inquiry through to first year of retention from all of its partners. There are currently over 70 schools participating, representing every region, size, shape, selectivity and affiliation. In total, there are more than 35 million student records normalized, enriched and contextualized on the platform.

How often is the data refreshed within MARKETview?

The data is refreshed daily.

What’s the timing for onboarding into MARKETview?

The typical implementation timeframe is approximately 8-10 weeks, but we can move more quickly if our clients can! It only takes us 15 days after receiving a complete and clean data file.

What if one of my competitors is also in the MARKETview community?

Then you should want to be, too! MARKETview is truly a community that benefits as a whole from each and every participant; and in turn, the visibility and return on investment for each individual participant improves with every new client – especially when they share similar characteristics. Student behaviors become clearer, market movement richer and more textured, and relevance across dozens of dimensions sharper. “The more, the merrier” our partners like to say; and they act by referring key cohort schools to join MARKETview and by inviting the MARKETview team to present at their myriad consortium events. 

Does MARKETview pay for itself – what’s the ROI?

Yes, it more than pays for itself in the first full-year of participation – oftentimes in the first quarter. Demonstrable examples include decision-making tied to: reallocation of recruiting investment, targeted attention and focus of counselors; improved yield from key populations; growth in students from newly identified markets; more strategic distribution of aid; improved first-year retention; and many more ways clients leverage MARKETview to make their class and achieve their goals. 

How many licenses come with MARKETview participation?

MARKETview participation includes unlimited access for your institution; in fact, the wider and deeper the use across campus – from Enrollment, to Institutional Research, to the Provost, to the CFO, to the Office of the President – the more rapid, informed and collaborative the decision making proves to be. 

What level of consultation/analysis is provided?

MARKETview data and insights are available to partners 24/7 via the platform itself and that’s buttressed through bespoke analysis and monthly consultation with our team of experts.

How can I improve enrollment outcomes by leveraging MARKETview?

MARKETview enables enrollment leaders to make better, faster decisions thereby improving strategic planning and allowing for data-informed adjustments throughout the cycle. MARKETview partners have leveraged the actionable insights from MARKETview to enhance outcomes throughout the funnel. From a redoubling of efforts on particular student segments during yield to hyper-focusing on high risk populations during melt, there’s always time to leverage the unique understanding and insights MARKETview provides.

Does MARKETview work with my CRM?

Yes. MARKETview will integrate with your CRM.

Can MARKETview help to identify new markets?

MARKETview provides an unbiased glimpse into which markets are appropriate for your resource focus and investment. MARKETview clients know which Consumer Rating groups and zip-5’s are most productive, which are potential good additions, and which should be excluded. Clients have saved tens of thousands of dollars by relying on MARKETview’s approach to audience selection and identified best-fit markets. Here’s an example.

How does MARKETview protect the data colleges and universities provide?

We go to great lengths to protect the data we receive from our clients. More detailed information can be found on the Data Security page of this site.

Is MARKETview FERPA compliant?

Yes, it is. From its inception, we designed the platform, data management, privacy, and use, and how we support partner decision-making comply with FERPA and other well-known standards of Higher Education as guiding principles. For more details, please request a copy of our Client Data Security Whitepaper.

Where can I find MARKETview on social media?

You can find us on LinkedIn  and Twitter.