Client Success

For MARKETview clients, there’s a season for everything and the way we support clients through each season varies from institution to institution based on their goals. What’s consistent across clients is that they’re able to achieve a clear return on investment in the first year of participation.

Below is a sample of the many ways in which MARKETview is delivering year-round value and enabling our partners’ success. There’s always a reason to get started now.


Predict Students Most Likely To Deposit

School A is a top 100 National Liberal Arts College that leveraged MARKETview’s inclusive modeling capabilities to understand which admitted students were most likely to deposit. The model made decision-making clearer and more precise, with students in the top decile ultimately yielding at a rate of 34%.

Identify Gaps in the Deposit Pool in Time to Act

School B is a top 100 private institution with a national presence. Even so, students within 50 miles of campus, particularly the most affluent students in this distance-band belonging to two specific Consumer Rating groups, are critical to their success. Late in the cycle MARKETview alerted them that the composition of their pool was underrepresented in students from these higher-yielding, higher net tuition revenue groups of students. The school further leveraged MARKETview data on April 15 to adapt its ground-game in real-time and reversed course with these students prior to May 1 to make their class. 

I just left the Board meeting where I reported what is now a really tremendous year.  I wanted to touch base and of course thank you for helping us get here.

Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management


Reduce Summer Melt

School C is a regional private institution located in the Northeast that had a higher melt rate than other schools across the country and in their comparative cohorts. They used MARKETview’s context and modeling to identify students with the highest propensity to melt based on discreet geographic and demographic attributes. They then used the prioritized list of students to laser-focus resources and counselor attention, and ultimately drive a 4-percentage point reduction in summer melt which landed them well within MARKETview’s cohort and national benchmarks.

Evaluate and Alter Your Financial Aid Policy

Using MARKETview’s post-cycle financial aid comparisons, School D, a highly selective STEM and engineering institution in the Midwest, realized it was receiving meaningfully less net tuition revenue per student from the most affluent students than other private colleges. This institution adjusted its aid policy, related recruiting strategy and expectations for the coming cycle as a result.

Expand into New Markets

School E is a national institution located in the Midwest. Its goals are to expand its national footprint and increase net tuition revenue. They maximized MARKETview’s proprietary targeting support and modeling to identify priority expansion markets, leading to a 17% increase in deposits and a $2.3 million increase in net tuition revenue.

This really is a storybook ending and you are a major player in our success. We would not have identified the markets without MARKETview.

Vice President of Enrollment Management


Flag Retention Risks in the Entering Class

School F is a large private institution in the Midwest looking to improve its first-year retention rate. They used MARKETview’s proprietary consumer data and ratings to identify 87 first-year students most at risk of not retaining so that the Student Affairs team could focus their attention and resources.

Objectively Evaluate the Efficacy and Success of Your Partnerships and Investments

School F had worked with the same Search vendor for years, and Search had consistently driven roughly 10% of total enrollment. With MARKETview’s comparative data they learned that they were actually underperforming the market, as Search accounts for nearly 20% of enrollment for similarly positioned schools across the nation and in their cohorts. Together, we made adjustments to School F’s name purchase strategy and communications stream, which led to a 29% increase in deposits – with 33% of them stemming from Search.

This is a partnership that allows us every day, every hour to pivot. We’re able to respond in ways we’ve never been able to.

Vice President for Enrollment Management


Communicate Market Trends and Position to Boards

School G (several clients, in fact) leverage MARKETview-driven board decks to position performance in relation to cohort and national trends along very discreet dimensions. These landscape narratives directed discussions to the most productive areas for opportunity, reinforced or revectored strategy, and in many cases freed up additional funding to achieve near and short-term goals. 

Viewing data in this way allows us to better understand students and their families, their rationale for enrolling and recommitting the next year. We’re really very excited about this.” 

College President